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Myopia has become a common problem for children

In recent years, due to the increased burden of primary and secondary school students in and out of class, the popularization of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, excessive use of eyes, unhygienic eye, lack of physical exercise and outdoor activities and other factors, the myopia rate of children and adolescents has remained high and rising, and having myopia at the younger age and the seriousness are becoming more and more serious, which has become a very troublesome problem.

The intention of the research and development and creation of DrBOOSTLY Eye Physiotherapy Deviceis to build a protective barrier for children's eyesight, and to provide more children and adolescents with scientific and professional myopia prevention, so that our children will be more healthy and less myopic trouble!

How Does It Work?

Traditional Chinese Medicine + Modern Ophthalmology Technology =【DrBOOSTLY Holographic Therapy

DrBOOSTLY Eye Physiotherapy Instrumentcombines Eastern and Western treatments of eye diseases. It uses intermediate quantum resonance frequency to stimulate the eyes, to reduce intraocular pressure and delay nerve tension and fatigue. At the same time, it uses acupoints stimulation therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine science to act on the entire eye system to achieve prevention and control of myopia, delay eye fatigue and regulate eye diseases. It is effective to:

  • Rehabilitate mild & pseudomyopia

  • Prevent & control myopia progress

  • Relieve eye muscles stiffness

  • Regulate nervous system function

  • Balancing the spoke axis function of eye muscles

  • Improve eye metabolism

  • Assist in the recovery of eye disease

  • Enhance the regulation of eyes periocular muscles

  • Balance the radial function of eyes periocular muscles

  • Reduce Intraocular pressure and regulate nervous system function

DrBOOSTLY Eye Physiotherapy Instrument】use of physical combination therapy will not produce dependence. It will help improve myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia, strabismus, amblyopia, dry eyes, pseudomyopia, overuse of eyes, blurred vision, teary eyes, eye fatigue, as well as eye discomfort, headache, dizziness, difficulty in concentrating, eye pain, inability to read for a long time, insomnia and dreams caused by eye fatigue.

The core essence of the treatment of juvenile myopia is to relieve the metabolic disorder of the eyes and organs of the whole body, so as to relieve the state of eye fatigue and restore the normal of the body.

Through "Holographic Therapy", while adjusting the eyes, the acupoints of the eyes correspond to the organs of the whole body, so the acupoints acting on the eyes can adjust the metabolic balance of the organs of the whole body. Therefore, in addition to juvenile myopia, people of all age groups can achieve the healing effect through the treatment of eye holographic acupoints, so as to restore the normal of the body.


More than 30 years of dedicated research, ophthalmologist Professor Song Geng + chief engineer Ma Ning

Join hands to create eye protection miracle!

After much understanding and confirmation, Professor Song Geng and chief engineer Ma Ning found that the main reason for the poor effect of existing products on the market is that the action principle is too superficial. There was a misunderstanding at the beginning of the production of these products. They took the result of "ciliary muscle spasm" as the reason, and only took the relaxation of ciliary muscle as the treatment goal. The result is that the products only do some functions called "auxiliary treatment" on the surface, so the rebound is serious, which can not solve the root problem of children's myopia at all.

Professor Song Geng believes that the eye is a whole organ related to the whole body, and nutritional metabolism is carried out every day. "Eye fatigue" is certainly the main cause of myopia, but the cause of "eye fatigue" is not single. We must find ways to promote eye metabolism and restore the balance of eye system, so as to fundamentally eliminate "myopia".

Only scientific and technological innovation is the productivity of myopia prevention and treatment. Inspired by Professor Song Geng's research theory, chief engineer Ma Ning applied medical micro electric technology to Boostly holographic therapy, so that this systematic method of treating myopia can be popularized. The medium frequency micro electricity of broad vision can safely and effectively cover the whole eye, act on different levels of the eye through different spectrum, promote eye blood circulation and relieve the tension of eye muscles. Boostly holographic therapy has a deep effect on eye relaxation. The effect is very thorough. Every 15 minutes of treatment can meet the amount of eye rest for a whole day.

Numbers of clinical tests have proved that DrBOOSTLY is effective in improving pseudomyopia & eye fatigue syndrome for more than 90%!

DrBOOSTLY is internationally certified by China Medical Device Certification,
ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FCC and CE certification.
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Boostly Eye Physiotherapy Device

10~15 minutes everyday

equal to a full day of eyes rested




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